Use as intended

I am still so upset. I just couldn’t write this even over the weekend. I knew that if I would have, I would have used so much profanity and that wouldn’t have been a pretty site.

Use as intended??!!!! How can I use as intended when it isn’t even the correct document needed in order to obtain daughter’s passport??!!!! What the hell am I going to use this for??!! I’m not changing my last name and I sure in the hell am not getting re-married!!!

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself here; I should start from Friday morning when I received an email from DD’s father. The subject title was “Use as intended”. When I saw that, I thought to myself what else am I going to use it for?  He said the translation was done and had the attachment in the email. When I opened it, I found our dissolution of Marriage all translated into English. Thinking that the Custody Court Order was at the end of the document, I read it all. During the time I was reading, I noticed The Hague stamp was stamped on every page. I then begin thinking to myself, why would this stamp be on a dissolution of marriage? When I got to the end of the document, there was nothing more. What does he expect me to do with this?!!! This in no way can be used to show I have sole custody of our daughter.

Being as upset as I was, I took a break before replying to his email. I kept it short and asked him where the custody document was that I had been waiting for. I never received a reply from him all day, which left me quite upset.

When daughter texted me she was home from school, I told her to go on line to see if her father was on and if he was to tell him I needed to speak with him via skype. A little while later, she texted back only to tell me that he had just replied to my email. I quickly looked to see his reply “According to Greek Law it stands as valid proof of you being the sole caretaker of our daughter.”

I did not reply as it was now clear he still doesn’t understand what is required by American Law in order to obtain an American passport.

Once I arrived home, he was already up on Skype and I began asking him about the paperwork. He went into detail about Greek Law as though I were a student and he was the teacher. He was very aggressive even more so then before. If you have ever been in a one sided conversation with a person yelling, then you have a pretty good idea how it went.

I tried to get a word in but it was very difficult. I told him that Greek Law has nothing to do with American Law, especially since I am trying obtain an American passport. He refused to listen and I even tried to explain to him that all I needed was the form (basically a permission slip) to be signed and notarized at the American Embassy. He said he was not an American so he was not allowed to sign the American document. I explained that he is not an American but his daughter is and that is why they are there to notarize American documents. He kept on yelling about his job, how late it was and I didn’t know what I was talking about. So my last words to him were “I just want to let you know that she will not be going.” And then I walked away.

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