Update on Hague holdup

Well, my daughter was just informed that there was a Hague stamp that had to be on the paperwork and according to her father; he was getting the run around. He began explaining to her but before he started, she hit record on her phone as she knew he would go into lengthy detail. After he was done, he told her to be sure and let me know. She then came over to me with phone in hand and let me hear the recording of his explanation.

He went on and on about all the offices he had to go to from first getting the correct paperwork to obtaining that much needed stamp. It sounded almost never ending. Apparently, he had to return to his hometown a few times over the last three weeks, just to get this all done. At least it seems like he really wants her to go.

I am so relieved to find out it was only a stamp that was needed on the custody paperwork. That does make sense after reading on the Hague site and one of the reasons I stated in my previous blog post.

The document has been submitted for translation which should only take about three days.

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