Back to the same old games

When will he ever grow up? I thought that this game playing would be over by now. We haven’t spoken to one another in almost two years and I just figured he would be much happier now and would no longer have the need to revert back to his old ways. But then again, maybe he never changed.

DD and her father had a Skype call and he asked her if she is still planning on going to Greece this summer. He said if he knew when she was going, he would take a week off work. He then tells her to have me email him because he wants to talk to me about her possible upcoming trip. DD tells him to email me to find out what he would like to know and he tells her “No, your mother needs to email me first.”

DD not completely understanding why it was that he didn’t not want to email me, she tells me what he had said. When she did, the memory of his game playing flooded my mind, bringing back that old familiar feeling again. I began remembering the game playing and exercising his power by having me where he wanted me to be all the while knowing there was nothing I could do about it.

Nevertheless, I did exactly what DD had suggested and emailed him. I tell him that DD had informed me that at first he didn’t want her to go because he didn’t have time to spend with her and now he is telling her that he can take about a week off work when she does go. I requested he reply so we can decide when will be the best time for her to go being that he will have to take time off work.

I am curious to see if he actually replies and what exactly he will tell me.

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