Christmas without family

The other day my daughter and I were at the mall and there was this lady with her children shopping. As her children were in the dressing room, she spoke on the phone loudly for all to hear. I thought the woman was going to have a nervous breakdown. Everyone in hearing distance just turned and looked at her as though she was going to crack at any moment.

Her side of the conversation:

“I don’t know why she is not making the sauce she needs to make and is waiting until the last minute!  She better not use the excuse she was with mom all day because I was with mom earlier and that’s why I am running behind on my errands!” 

After a brief pause, she went on:

“She is always late and will probably get there late in the morning without having the sauce made! Maybe I should just do it myself! Hell no, she is suppose to make the sauce! Okay, I will call her but I need to calm down first!

As this lady ends the call, she tells her kids to run to the check stand as they were in a hurry to leave. I couldn’t help but wonder how stressful it must be to get together with family over the holidays and how certain family members could cause so much stress to others. I could feel her frustration and my heart did go out to her. It took every ounce of energy I had not offer my help to her. I told my daughter I should have offered to make the sauce for her. Still two days later, I was wondering how their family gathering went.

I am glad my family only consists of me and my daughter. I have zero tolerance for obligation or drama. To those of you who are getting together with your families for Christmas, stay calm, this too shall pass.

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