I lived, now its her turn

To my daughter:

I have traveled and seen so many places in a variety of countries.  I actually lived a full life. Hell, if I died tomorrow, I could say I actually did it all. All I want for my daughter is to give her the same opportunity I had. Of course back then, I did it all on my own when I was an adult. But I am hoping to give her the same opportunities even though she is much younger. She has this way about her which makes her appear a lot older and a lot more mature. She is definitely an extraordinary individual.  Even though she is only 13, she is anxious to spread her wings and fly. Who am I to say no?

She has recently shared with me her desire to be an exchange student when she goes to high school. She is fascinated with the Japanese culture and is currently learning Japanese. When she approached me, with her idea, I said yes with no hesitation, “if this is what you want, I will do everything I can to make it happen” I said. She was so surprised that I would allow her to go away for an entire year to Japan. “You will really let me go?” she asked. “Yes”, I said, “it would be a great opportunity for you to learn another culture.”

She then asked me if it was unusual for her to be so interested in another culture but yet, not interested so much in Greece as she is Greek. I told her it was not unusual. I once had a fascination with Greece and I am an American. There is nothing wrong with studying another culture. “There will be enough time later on to study your own culture”, I told her.

All I want is for her to experience life to fullest like I have, so when she is my age, she can look back and say she lived.

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