I think he’s backing out

I brought to H attention that we really need to start looking into obtaining a notary. He didn’t even have to ask why. He already knew. We have had the mutual agreement from our Attorney since March and haven’t yet had it notarized. Once we do, we have to send it back to have it legally stamped.

H said, “Lets just drop the whole idea.” Just by the way he said it, lead me to believe he has changed his mind. After all the money we spent just to obtain the Attorney, I couldn’t help but wonder why he would want to drop it just like that.

I decided to remind him why we obtained an Attorney in the first place and said, “You were concerned about how I felt, since I’ve been thinking I’m being held here against my will. You agreed with this in order to help me feel better about our situation. After all, you did say we don’t know what the future holds.”

He then said, “You do realize that once we sign the document we will be considered separated.”

I started thinking that this could not be his main concern for signing the document and told him, “No, we won’t. This document will never be shown to anyone, unless the time comes.”

The real reason why he didn’t want to sign the document then came out, “Do you realize that in the future, either one of us can use this document against the other?” When he said this, I knew he meant me using it against him because there is no way he would ever use it against me.

I then tell him, “It is highly unlikely that you will, and as for me, I will only show the document if I ever leave.”

With that said, the conversation was over. He mentioned we will get a notary and have the document signed, but I feel it is highly unlikely.

He knows that nothing has been done on his part to help me heal from all he has put me through. He also knows that nothing has been done on his part to help repair this marriage. If he had, he would have nothing to lose if he were to sign this document. Since he has not, he knows that once I have this legal contract, I can walk away with my daughter and there will be nothing he can do. Its no wonder why he has doubts, and that in itself, is probably the reason why this document will never be signed.

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