Being a Father and a Mother

being father and motherIt is hard to be both a Father and a Mother. Sometimes you get confused as to which role you play at any given time. It takes you back to when you were a child and how your father was there for you when your mother was not. You try hard to think of the times when you needed your father and how he handled things. He is the only role model you can go by when raising a daughter alone.

First off, I had toughened my daughter up ever since she was a baby. She began walking when she was 9 months old and every time she would fall and then cry, I would tell her it was unacceptable. Yes, she learned not to cry early on. A mistake I may have made that has prevented her from complaining to me when she is sick.

As she grew older and after we moved back to the states, I taught her how to fish and how to shoot gun. I took her camping and introduced her to the outdoors. Too bad, that didn’t take. She is too much like her father in that way. She is an indoor girl.  A computer geek. After all, she has been behind a computer since she was 3 years old and she is now 13.

As far as the mother role, I decided to raise my daughter the total opposite of how my mother raised me. I have learned that being a mother is constant. Although after your child is a certain age, you have somewhat of a break. I have found it easier than I thought. I have raised her just as I wanted her to be. A quiet, respectful individual who has much love for the world around her and I am hoping that continues.

I guess my biggest challenge will be when she starts noticing boys and begins to rebel against me. I can tell you that I am looking forward and welcoming that challenge. I am older than the typical mother of a 13 year old and have much more experience. I look forward to day when I get to see these kids try to outsmart me. It will be a game and one I plan to win.

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