The Universe has its reasons


I believe the universe is conspiring against me. It always seems to be the case when something great happens in my life. This occurs every six months or so and has went on for as long as I can remember.

It all makes perfect sense to me and I no longer take it personally. It’s like the good has to out weigh the bad. How else would we be balanced in life?

On Friday, which was my last day at work, I decided to only work half day. I had to go and pick up my credentials for my new job. So I went to pick up my daughter and we headed into the city.  On the way there, my car was not running right and I could tell something was terribly wrong.  I had to pull off the freeway to check out the car and then it died. It wouldn’t start, so I had to call AAA.

While waiting for the tow truck, I started thinking to myself here we go again. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself knowing this was yet another test.  Another test that I know I will come through with flying colors.

What are the odds that I start my new job on Monday and I don’t even have a vehicle?

What are the odds that my motor is completely shot and it never even gave me a warning?

What are the odds that I will have to buy a new car, while starting a new job all at the same time?

Perhaps the Universe has its reasons and maybe this was suppose to happen at this particular moment in time.  A time when my life begins a new course of change. A change for the better.

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