He is doing things intentionally

When H came home from lunch I asked him if he had answered my email from yesterday. He said he had not, but he would be answering it later. That brought up a short conversation about “A”. H was acting as though I were making the purchase of “A” more then what it was. The conversation turned sour and we ended up eating lunch separately.

He later came to me and seeing how upset I was, he said, “You are just disappointed, aren’t you?”

I said, “Yes I am.” He gave me a hug and then left to work.

In the evening when H came home, he had printed out the email I had sent him yesterday. We sat down as he wanted to verbally answer it.

He told me. The bidding war was something that was done over a couple of days. I didn’t try to purchase “A” after our conversation on Monday.”

My reply, “Facebook says different. It has the dates.”

Not commenting on what I had just said, he goes on, “I understand why this month is very difficult for you and I know that “A” bothers you.” At this point, I was waiting for an explanation of what he was going to do to correct the problem. But instead, he ruined the moment, by saying, “We just need to spend time together.”

I have finally come to the conclusion that H is doing everything intentionally, to get under my skin. If he knows all the above to be true like he says, then why does he continue to make my life miserable?

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