He is doing things intentionally

When H came home from lunch I asked him if he had answered my email from yesterday. He said he had not, but he would be answering it later. That brought up a short conversation about “A”. H was acting as though I were making the purchase of “A” more then what it was. The conversation turned... Continue Reading →

Third time’s a charm

Last night I confronted H because I saw that he had purchased “A” for the third time!! It showed all of his activity on the first page of my facebook, but on his, the third purchase of “A” was not there. I let it go because I thought I was just seeing things. However, when... Continue Reading →

I’m not going to let this go!

I cannot express how upset I am tonight. I thought that writing this might help me but if anything, I am getting even more upset. What do you do when your husband isn’t hiding, but rather flaunting what he does that he knows is something that will get you upset? By email, I found out... Continue Reading →

The bidding war

I sure wish I had stayed in bed today. Either that, or stayed off line. I was so upset after checking out face book only to find that yesterday, H purchased “A” again. Is he really doing this on purpose to upset me knowing that I am checking on him continuously? What does he hope... Continue Reading →

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