Hot blooded/Cold blooded

I feel really good and really strong. I feel I can actually see this as a friendship more then a relationship and it’ll help me get by the next few days that I’m here. I still don’t know when I’m leaving but one thing I do know is that things can change very quickly here as we are still on a roller coaster. He was really nice to me last night when he saw I was packed and ready to go.

He hasn’t talked much to me over the last few days, so I was quite surprised when he came to me and said, Those of us who live on the Mediterranean are hot blooded people. When two people split up there is usually a lot of heat…like a torn up house and a lot of fighting between the two. If we told people what happened, they wouldn’t believe it because it was so calm when we parted. You North Americans on the other hand, are cold blooded in the sense that anger is not expressed in that way.”

My reply was..“we just know when its time to go, its time to go.”

He thinks that being calm during this time is strange and seeing it from his point of view, it probably is. I don’t think he was expecting me to be really calm and remain friends. I think he was expecting me to totally flip out, hate him and leave. One thing he doesn’t realize is that my reaction has nothing to do with where I’m from or how I was raised. This is just me and the type of person I am. A lot of Americans fight and tear up the home, etc. Its not that common but it does happen. However in my experience, people just leave each other when they least expect it or when they’ve had enough.

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