Is a 180 possible?

High upon a mountain, on a cold rainy night, we sit in our car overlooking the city below. The beauty of the night was shown by the lights of the city reflecting on the lake that surrounds it. I began telling him how much I'm going to miss this place and in a very sweet... Continue Reading →

Hot blooded/Cold blooded

I feel really good and really strong. I feel I can actually see this as a friendship more then a relationship and it'll help me get by the next few days that I'm here. I still don't know when I'm leaving but one thing I do know is that things can change very quickly here... Continue Reading →

Were there other women?

Things come to mind about our life together. There were many opportunities for H to go out and find someone else. I began thinking about this time or that time when he had a good advantage away from home. The question is, were there more times or just one? A few months ago, H had... Continue Reading →

The day after

I am in total disbelief as to what happened yesterday. This morning, I felt as though I had just waken up from a bad dream and I was trying to convince myself that what did take place was all in my mind. About an hour later, I realized what had happened was actually my reality.... Continue Reading →

The day my heart died

It started as just an ordinary day. A day of going through all the things I accumulated over the last several years of my life here in this country. My husband and I had been in continuous conversations about our marriage and financial status over the last four weeks. At least we finally accomplished something... Continue Reading →

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