His anger is never ending

My daughter decided, as a joke, to text her dad and tell him I would be going to Greece with her this summer. She asked him if he would pick us up from the airport and if we could stay at his place. He told her this was serious and something that they would need to discuss on the phone.

He called her and told her that she is always welcome to stay with him when she goes to Greece, but I am not. He gave no reason why and the conversation was dropped at that point.

When I heard this, I didn’t realize how much anger he still has after all these years. I would never stay at his place, so why be an ass about it.

It’s almost as bad is him sending over $200.00 to my daughter for her birthday last week and then telling her to make sure I don’t spend it. I was furious. I told her that she needs to open a paypal account and when/if he does send her any more money, he can send it directly to her and she can then forward it into her bank account. I told her I want no part of anything that goes on between the two of them. He never paid child support all these years, so why is he making a big deal about sending over $200.00?

My daughter then told me that when she was at his place this past summer, she noticed he has some of her baby pictures up. One in particular is one where I am holding her and I was cut out of the picture, although you can see my arm around her and according to my daughter, it shows me wearing my wedding ring. She questioned why would his new wife allow it. He could have picked any other picture of our daughter to display, why that one?!

On several occasions, my daughter has told me that she sees her father very unhappy. She has even went as far as telling him that he needs to live life now before he gets too old. If I didn’t know better, I would say she feels sorry for him.

He just needs to get over whatever he has against me. It wasn’t me who gambled away our marriage/family and lost, it was him. He just needs to take it for what its worth and move on. Wait a minute, didn’t he just get married this past summer? Shouldn’t he be on cloud nine?

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