Whose Mom is older?

My daughter has informed me that there is a game that is played at school. She would win every time if she actually spoke up. She understands that I am much older then the average mother of children her age but she doesn’t want to say anything. I’m not sure why that is. Perhaps she is a little uneasy of the fact that I am older than the mothers of other children her age.

I don’t feel bad that I am an older mom, especially after doing a little research on the subject. I read that kids with older moms were healthier than kids with younger moms. Researchers took an overall snapshot of the health and well-being of a select group of children up to the age of 5. They learned the children with older moms had fewer accidental injuries, fewer social and emotional difficulties and were further along in language development. Then after examining a group of over 800 women between the ages of 41 and 92, researchers discovered the women who had their last baby after 35 had better cognition and verbal memory later in life than those who first became parents young. And last but not least, parents who are much older have more time for their kids because they don’t seem to have same worries as parents that are younger.

Most of what I read I found to be true, but we will see when I get up there in age if the latter is true as well.

As for my daughter, I have asked her if she is embarrassed of the fact that she has an older mom and she quickly said no. Even though there is an age gap much wider than it normally is between a mother and child of her age, it doesn’t seem to effect us much at all and has actually strengthened our relationship.

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