Teenage Meltdown

Me and my daughter spend a lot of time talking. The deep conversations we have together are not only memorable but are also very intelligent on her part. She gets me thinking of things I would have never thought of during any topic of conversation.

The other night, we were talking about a variety of things like we do from time to time, when out of no where she says, “I only have five more years of school left!  What am I going to do!?!”

I was not only shocked it came out of her mouth at that particular moment but I began to see how stressed she soon became.  While blaming herself, she went on to say,  “What have I been doing over the last two years? !!”


The first thought that came to mind was why would she be thinking of this at the young age of 13. When I was 13, I never thought about how many more years I had left of school or what I was going to do after I graduated.

I knew I had to say something but couldn’t find the right words. So I began saying, “You have plenty of time. We will figure this out together. School is important but your health is more important.  If you continue to worry it will only cause unneeded stress.  You will see, in time, everything will fall right into place.”  With that said, she just looked at me with a little relief on her face and quickly began to calm down.

What would you have told your daughter?

2 thoughts on “Teenage Meltdown

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  1. Thanks so much for your comment. I have always treated my daughter as an equal and believe that may have contributed to her maturity. However, it may also be all that we have been through together that has brought us quite close. Whatever it is, I so enjoy learning from her and watching her ideas come to life.

  2. She sounds very mature! I have to say, the fact that you two have such a close relationship like this makes my heart thump! 💓💓 That’s something I pray for to happen with my kids when they are teenagers. Great job momma!

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