I’m finally home again!


My first day on Monday was great! So much in fact that I received more hugs then I did before I left six months ago. Most of those I had encountered were very happy that I returned and they certainly showed it. It felt good to be back home again.

On day two, I had so much work thrown my way, I had no idea where to begin. This is a new position with much more responsibility than my last position. But just like before, people acted as though I had been there for years. They just kept giving me assignments with deadlines and I done them to the best of my knowledge.  After all, that is how I got ahead so quickly last time.



This is what one of Engineers gave me on my second day. He sure wasn’t kidding either. The assignments kept coming and began piling up.  So I decided to take it slow and do one thing at time that way I don’t get overwhelmed.

I am happy to report I ended up in a great division and couldn’t have hoped for anything more. I already know everyone which makes it much more relaxing. Now that the end of week has arrived, I look back to see all I have learned. It is quite refreshing to be involved once again with great people!

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