I had my daughter exactly when I wanted to in life

I had a conversation with a man today, who is the same age I am. He told me that his kids were all grown and gone. He had had children very early in life and told me I should have done the same, so that way I could be free to do whatever I wanted. The truth is, I had my daughter exactly when I wanted to in life. She was planned. So much in fact, that she was two days short of my birthday. I waited till just the right time to have her and I’m so glad I did.

She has kept me grounded and has given me the strength I have needed during the most difficult times in my life. She has given me a new perspective on life and has given me a lot to think about with the topics in conversations we have.  She has kept me home and not out and about like other singles out there. I have taken my responsibility seriously and I am very proud of myself.

When the time comes for her to go and make her own life, I will be happy in knowing I contributed to whatever she chooses to do. I will be content even if that means I will be left all alone. But its at that time, when I will begin the next chapter in my life.

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