Everything is a big deal

Those of us who have been betrayed by our spouse notice any discrepancy in their behavior or speech which leads us to believe they are hiding something from us. This usually happens when things are not progressing along as we had hoped. In my case, it happened earlier today when I asked my husband how... Continue Reading →

I’m not a quitter

Husband has been trying to improve the business and ran a few ideas by me to see what I thought. I agreed that some of the ideas, although rather late, were good ones. I then asked him, “Why are you trying to improve the business now when last year you did nothing to help it?” ... Continue Reading →

His posting on a forum

A couple of days ago I go to the forum to see what husband has been up to and found a new thread he started about pole dancing. He added a couple of youtube videos of a girl pole dancing and dedicated the thread to a woman friend of his on the forum. His comment... Continue Reading →


H came to me and told me he cannot go on this way. Not being able to talk on the phone with other women and not having his own life and freedom is something he just cannot do without. He then gave me two options regarding our situation: I need to either wake up tomorrow... Continue Reading →

Email Collectors

There are people who collect letters when they write to one another . These letters are collected due to sentimental value of friendship or love. The letters are then put away and at a later time, possibly years, they are pulled out and reread. Letter collectors are similar to email collectors. The only difference with... Continue Reading →

Where are his friends?

I find it hard to believe that all his friends have strayed. He tells me he's not in chat, which I am highly doubtful. On top of that, all the continuous floods of phone calls and text messages all hours of the day and night have died down to nothing at all. And there is... Continue Reading →

There’s a man I know

Take a man who has no connection to the outside world. His home and business are located in the same building only one floor apart. He has no employees, rarely leaves the building and has very few friends. The only contact he has with people are customers who one cannot really get to know, even... Continue Reading →

What does he really want?

He asked me to stay again even though our financial situation is grim. Promises were made of finding another place to live since we need a complete environment change. He also mentioned accompanying him on business trips and spending more time together in the process. This was basically the same thing he had mentioned to... Continue Reading →

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