The story of the other woman

My husband and I have not been going out for the last two months because I had been rather sick. So today, we went out for a long lunch down by the lake. Prior to going out, I had emailed an article for him to read. I thought this would help him understand what needs... Continue Reading →

If only we could fast forward time

This morning I was thinking to myself how nice it would be if we could fast forward time and get a glimpse into the future. I would really love to know where we are headed and if we actually end up making it. When it comes to the unknown future, its more then just my... Continue Reading →

Questions about the other woman

For those of you who have been following my story. No, we have not yet discussed the situation of our marriage. I don’t know if he has finally come to the point of taking full responsibility for what he has done or if he has decided to start working on the marriage. It doesn’t seem... Continue Reading →

Everything is a big deal

Those of us who have been betrayed by our spouse notice any discrepancy in their behavior or speech which leads us to believe they are hiding something from us. This usually happens when things are not progressing along as we had hoped. In my case, it happened earlier today when I asked my husband how... Continue Reading →

Infidelity Comparison

I live in a tiny European country and one thing I have observed over the years and the one thing I could never understand about the 30-something generation here, is the fact that when they get married, the majority of time, it is not for love. Most marry out of interest or pressure that they... Continue Reading →

We need to work on the marriage

It has been a year ago this month that the affair ended, at least the physical part. What has been on my mind during this month has been the fact that we are just floating here. We need to move forward and I’m tired of not doing so. I do realize that he must be... Continue Reading →

Five months and ten days later

It has been five months and ten days since I found out about my husband infidelity and it has been one year ago this month since he started the affair. Five months is a long time when you don’t see much changing in your marriage after continuous conversations. Many people who have been dealing with infidelity in... Continue Reading →

This had to be Love

My husband and I have always had deep love within our relationship and throughout the time we have been together (up until his affair). After all, what type of man in this country would put up with shit from his parents all because he had married an American? And what type of American woman would... Continue Reading →

Pictures of the other woman

As far as I had known, the pictures he had of the other woman was deleted off our home computer a couple of days after I found out about his affair. He deleted them right in front of me saying that he wanted to put this all behind us. Keep in mind, this was five months ago.... Continue Reading →

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