Save up all your tears

Since the day after I found out about H infidelity, he has not shed one tear. I say the day after, because the day that I found out about his affair, he cried if only for a few minutes. It was during the time when he thought that he would lose me and our daughter.... Continue Reading →

A legal matter upon leaving

Knowing that it’s over, I contacted our Attorney this morning. She was not in, so I requested to speak to someone else to have a question answered. The Attorney I spoke with is the main Attorney there, whose name represents this particular law firm. I explained that I was ready to walk with my daughter... Continue Reading →

The hope is gone

Throughout the months, I continued having hope with what little of my heart I had left. Hope that one day, H would wake up and finally realize all he has done to us and would know just how much he wanted our marriage and family. Shamelessly, I continued to have hope while going through so much... Continue Reading →

How far

I have had a rough couple of days. I’ve been watching music videos as I always tend to do when I’m down. I found this one which best describes where I’m at right now. And this one…”In my Daughter’s eyes”. My daughter gives me all the strength I need.

Guilt vs. Remorse

H doesn't understand the definition of the word remorse and even though I have told him what it is, he still doesn't seem to understand. So, with the help of some friends, here is what I gathered..... Guilt is a common emotion but can create unhappiness and depression. There is an important difference between remorse... Continue Reading →

Isn’t it enough?

As time has went by, I have begun to reach my limits as to what I will put up with and what I will not. I have begun to stand my ground, knowing that there is not much more I can take. “Isn't it enough that I left the forum and closed down my chat... Continue Reading →

Memory flashbacks

If you have been affected by Infidelity and are currently in your second marriage, you will find yourself having flashbacks when there is a repeat occurrence in your second marriage, which resembles that of your first. Your mind tends to wonder to your past life as though it was yesterday, and all the anger and... Continue Reading →

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